Communication is the lifeblood of every business. There’s only one rule that applies to every market: the right message. It helps you sell products and services, train and motivate staff, educate customers and reinforce your image.

Communication opens us to different perspectives, values and points of view. To communicate what we know to others, we must establish a solid relationship with them.

That relationship requires full understanding of their intellectual parameters, emotional expectations and cultural behavior. And even though these people may be total strangers  and situated miles away from you, they play a vital role in the success of your business.


Positive business relations and commitment to strict corporate ethics are the trademarks of our agency. The clients and partners of ARK-Bulgaria can count on full confidentiality. We do not allow conflict of interests in our practices. Accept it as a rule No.1.


Goal-oriented performance and strife for excellence have always been the highlights of our work. Creative ideas, fast solutions and professional integrity are among the most valuable assets we uphold in our journey to your success.


We seek  constant challenges in our business practices. We provide you with bold and innovative approaches to match your ambitions with your achievements.


We explore new horizons and provide you with endless opportunities to develop your business. Our ideas are the cornerstones of your success.

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